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In their article, “AI: The Next Frontier,” Georgia Trend magazine featured Dr. Joe Sutherland, our President and CEO. The article explores how companies and universities are taking advantage of the many ways artificial intelligence (AI) can bolster business, innovation and research.

Dr. Joe Sutherland, a professor at Emory University and Director of the Emory Center for AI Learning, is at the forefront of advocating for ethical business and research applications of artificial intelligence (AI). His approach is grounded in the belief that AI should be developed and used with a strong ethical foundation, ensuring that it benefits society as a whole.

The Emory Center for AI Learning, under the leadership of Dr. Joe Sutherland, is not only a hub for ethical AI discussions but also a dynamic center for practical AI applications. The Center is actively collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, applying AI to tackle real-world industrial challenges. These partnerships enable the Center to bring academic expertise to the forefront of industry, fostering innovation and practical solutions. Through these collaborations, the Center is demonstrating how AI can be a powerful tool for addressing complex problems in various sectors, all while adhering to the highest ethical standards set by the AI community.

Dr. Sutherland emphasizes one easy way to get started with AI: creating an AI review board. This board should serve as a guardian of ethical standards, reviewing AI projects to ensure they align with the organization’s commitment to ethical practices. He argues that such a board is crucial for maintaining a diverse range of perspectives and mitigating biases that can arise in AI development and application. AI review boards are a way to recognize up-and-coming leaders in your organization, and are a “no regrets” approach to build organizational capacity, mitigate risk, and promote a creative vision for the future.

“Decisions made together, by a group of professionals with different viewpoints, are likely to be superior to those of a single expert,” Sutherland explained. By applying this practice, Dr. Sutherland believes that a diverse and informed group can make better decisions regarding the ethical implications of AI.

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