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Dr. Joe Sutherland offers dramatic growth opportunities to blue-chip, scaling, and startup businesses, at all sizes stages in their technology journey. He has worked extensively with private investors, executives, and sole-proprietors to shape dramatically profitable technology strategies, people, and products through his proprietary Tech Giant Transformation™ approaches. He applies the best lessons from his executive experience to help clients achieve their goals.

Whether it’s coaching the senior executives, investing in products that monetize proprietary assets, reorienting the management of expenses and revenue, or redesigning the organization’s capabilities and operating model, he has become notable for the considerable commercial experience, business acumen, and technical understanding he transfers to his clients.

Dr. Joe offers a choice of three relationships to create a range of improvement for your business, from fine-tuning to transformational change:

1. Trusted Advisor (The Sounding Board)

The top people in the firm confer with Dr. Joe on strategies for growth and the tactics to achieve it. This relationship includes unlimited access in addition to on-site, personal work.

2. Strategic Reorientation (Meet the New Economy)

Dr. Joe will implement his proprietary approaches to increase profitability through digital operating models, prioritize transformative AI-based automation, and reach other formalized development milestones for the entire organization (or the right subset of it). This will create high-margin business by lowering costs, identifying monetization opportunities that boost free cash flow, and raising the org’s profile in the company or marketplace. This approach includes formal workshops, application to existing projects and programs, ongoing coaching for implementing staff, and necessary strategic orientation.

3. Tech Giant Transformation (Own Your AI Advantage)

We create entirely new businesses, discovering next-generation technology opportunities, new brands, new customer bases, and capability investments. We identify and implement the necessary technologies, create and transfer all appropriate intellectual property to the firm, and promote a culture of innovation through continuing leadership alignment. This option is the most developmentally rich for participants, who work side-by-side with Dr. Joe to learn the ropes of the new AI-driven economy.

In all of the above options, you and your org will:
  • Grow operating margins with technology and data-driven monetization strategies
  • Reduce operating expenditures and avoid unnecessary capital with cloud strategy benchmarking
  • Automate and optimize customer experiences while accelerating product delivery
  • Fill technology talent gaps with the right associate at the right time
  • Transform your leadership culture to meet the opportunities and challenges of the new economy

About Dr. Joe Sutherland, President & CEO

With a career spanning the White House, the Dow Jones 30, and our nation’s top universities, Joe is the rare person who can say they have served as professor, executive, and public servant and mean it. His professional tenure includes time as a senior technology executive at Amazon, Cisco, and Search Discovery, where he led mass-scale digital transformation initiatives for a client portfolio including Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, JPMorganChase, and Goldman Sachs. He has held academic appointments at Columbia, Princeton, WashU, and now Emory, where he is a professor. He has a history of board service, including as a committee member for the Board of Trustees of Washington University in St. Louis, and as an advisor for Balto and Mentor Collective.

For further information, get in touch with Dr. Joe ➡️