Refereed Articles

With Jon Rogowski. 2015. “How Ideology Fuels Affective Polarization.” Political Behavior, 1-24.

Conference Presentations

“Send in the Clones? The Effect of Surrogates on Candidate Support.” 2014. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association. Recipient of the Antoinette Dames Prize for Outstanding Honors Thesis in Political Science.

Working Papers

“Scaling the Tower of Babel: Divergent Policy Implications Among Translated and Native-Language Central Bank Communications.” With Evan Schnidman and William MacMillan. 2015.

“Identifying Homophilic Versus Outcome-Based Voting.” 2014.

“Multinational Enterprises as Interest Groups and their Spatial Influence in Congress.” 2014.

“You’re Nothing Without Me: The Mathematics of the G7-G20-IMF Dynamic.” 2014.

“Party Renegade: McCarthy’s Effect on Republican Voting Patterns in the U.S. Senate.” 2013.

“State Primacy and Partisanship in EPA Regulation of the Clean Water Act.” 2013.

Book Chapters

How the Fed Moves Markets: New Tools to Decode Modern Central Banking. Forthcoming 2015. Palgrave MacMillan. Authors: Evan A. Schnidman and William D. MacMillan. Collected data, produced figures and tables, and wrote content for International Bank Sentiment Index applications.


State of the States Addresses from 1880–Present (SOTS). With Dan Butler. In development, 2015.

International Central Bank Communications (ICBC). 2015. International, comprehensive central bank communications repository. Data include 18 global central banks and more than 21,000 communications in multiple languages. Systematized data collection is managed with privately-run Python code on AWS EC2/RDS instances. Prattle uses this data to generate our Central Bank Sentiment Indices.

Software Packages

With William D. MacMillan. pRattle: API interface for sentiment index data in R. 2015.

bankBabel: Python interface for document scoring in multiple languages. 2015. Private use.

Conference Presentations & Invited Talks

Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL: Poster, April 2014.

National Council of Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO: Slides, May 2014.

Washington University Undergraduate Research Symposium, St. Louis, MO: Poster, April 2014.

Washington University Political Science Poster Sessions, St. Louis, MO: Posters, April 2014.

Washington University Celebration Weekend, St. Louis, MO: Panel, March 2014.

Washington University Alumni Reunion, St. Louis, MO: Panel, November 2013.